Hanged Man

Welcome to the very first International Tarot Day Blog Hop! I trust you enjoyed Regina’s article here:

And Justice for Tarot

Below are my musings on The Hanged Man…

The Hanged Man has always shown me that it is time to look at things from a different perspective. Shifting focus or looking at things from a unique angle often helps me discover answers that have previously eluded me.

When reading cards I like to scan the entire image and then see if there are any details that jump out at me.

I’ll show you what I mean using a  photograph and some editing software…

It evokes the feeling of being caught between where this person is headed and where they are coming from.

If you shift the focus to the right you get this:

It evokes the feeling of a person eagerly looking forward to the journey ahead.

If you shift the focus to the left like this:

It evokes the feeling of things left behind at the start of a new journey.

If you zoom in like this:

It forces you to see just how close this person is to the edge and evokes a sense of danger or impending doom.

A simple filter like this:

Time is washed away from the photo. Is this photo from yesterday or thirty years ago?

What is being presented to you from a filtered or narrow focus? How can you see the big picture? What do the altered images above say to you? Have you tried looking at things from a unique perspective like upside down or sideways?

I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop! Please see Nikki’s blog at:


for the next amazing post in the hop. Thank you for reading!





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