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Audacious Notebook 01.29.19

January 29, 2019

If you’d like to reach the Mount Olympus gift shop, you have to step across the mirror lake. Be careful of the waterfall of dreams, many a weary traveler has succumbed to the lure of a bed of mist and promises of sweet dreams. Those dumb bastards drowned. Don’t be a dumb bastard. The trail starts to the right of the waterfall. It is a deceptively easy climb. There is not much more than a few large boulders to clamber over, but beware. Just as you start to see the trees thin out there is a blind corner. Once you walk around the turn you will find a trail house. DO. NOT. STOP. There is an inviting porch and usually a warm fire in the fireplace. You may be tired but keep going. That is the house of the Diplomat. She cooks up wayward travelers in her soup pot. After that it is an easy walk to the gift shop, located in a cave just after the trees end. Be sure to have the cashier validate your parking before you head back. Good luck & gods speed.

  • diplomat
  • mount olympus
  • thru the mirror
  • gift shop
  • trail house

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