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Audacious Notebook 05.14.19

Never use a fairy for your security team. I don’t care how cute they are. They will double cross you every time. Let’s say you put together an exquisite exhibition as a gift to the Holiday Museum. Your personal collection of priceless figurines is arranged behind bulletproof glass. The insurance company demands that you hire private security as well. You interview fifty people but you choose the fairy squad because they blend in with the festive decor. It is a true, natural miracle they don’t murder you for the bell ridden atrocity of a uniform you select for them. For the opening night you commission a designer to create a gown that encompasses the style of your life: luxe with a hint of whimsy. You stand before the doors of the great hall, a crowd of affluent gentle folk mill around you. You search for Yang, the museum director, but give up and order the doors opened. The crowd holds its breath and then the screams and panic begin. People flee from the room behind you. Instead of a decadent collection of figurines and old earth tchotchkes – you find a terrified Yang bound to an evergreen with twinkle lights. A large glass ornament is impossibly shoved in his mouth. The fairies have smashed every other piece of glass and porcelain in the room. The shards swirl in a circle while the fairies chant rhythmically inside of it. A deep red glow comes from the floor and a Night Mare steps through. She possesses tentacles instead of hooves and the moment she clears the portal, she chomps her too sharp teeth. An eerie crooning sound comes from her and you know you should flee but you take a single step forward. The crooning noise increases and the last thing you hear are the bells on the fairies shoes as they ride the Night Mare to their chosen sacrifice…YOU.

  • holiday gift
  • the style of your life
  • natural miracle
  • security
  • terrified yang
  • fairy

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Swapping Recollections Spiral Bound Planner Covers

Michael’s had 12 month spiral bound planners on sale for 3 bucks!

I’m struggling like a donkey in quicksand right now with being unable to find planner peace. The week on one page I was trying doesn’t have enough fucking room. Grrrr.

So I found these two planners. This floral one has the vertical layout I like:

…but the cover is ugly as fuck. Florals ain’t my jam.

This fox one is an adorable cover, but has a shitty horizontal layout:

So I decided to swap the covers.

I cut the covers at the binding. Like this:

So they came off like this:

It didn’t take me very long and now I have a layout I want with the cover I want!