3. The Empress

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright: Vitality * creates * with nourishment. Inverted: Excess * expands * with wildness. ☆ Special Guidance: … More

Day 12

I have lost the use of my left arm due to there being a child on it. Attempting to one … More

2. The High Priestess

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright: Mystery * unveils * with wisdom. Inverted: Secrecy * conceals * with jealousy. ☆ Special Guidance: … More

Day 11

Spent the morning collecting chrome books and lunches for the kids. Home schooling starts in two days so I have … More

Day 10

Divided and moved my office today. Computer went in the living room so I’ll stop working in bed. Fingers crossed … More

Day 7

Now that husband is home, I’m making sourdough bread. It won’t be ready until 9 tonight but it was important … More

Day 6

The problem with putting my sunglasses on my desk is I mistake them for my reading glasses. Looks cool but … More

Day 5

The panic threatens to swallow me whole sometimes. The uncertainty. The unknown. I try to breathe through it but my breath gets … More