Day 1

7 am:
The rules have broken down. I allowed my daughter to eat toast in my bed. It’s my husband’s side so it’s really his problem. 🤣 It’s chaos here. But the quiet kind of chaos that’s full of Chip & Potato! and toast crumbs. 

11 am:
Hear a dripping sound in the kitchen. All the rain today has decided to come INTO my kitchen. Sigh. 

1 pm: I restrung the lights in my daughters room so she could have the perfect ambience to watch Spirited Away. This was 20 minutes out of my day. 🤦‍♀️

4 pm:
Thank. Goddess. Dad. Is. Home. 

7 pm:
Dinner. Wine. Things are better. 🤣💃🏻

#holdmysippycup #sahmlife

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