1. The Magician

Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Skill * wills * with design.

Inverted: Craft * manipulates * with deception

Special Guidance:

MundaneA situation has been (or soon will be) presented that has all the inherent components of the manifestation of your desires.  Take the best from it or move on it, because it is through this that a new potential will emerge.

EsotericYou are only at the very first stage of your development and you must understand your place in the Cosmic Scheme of things.  The Universe always gives more than you can conceive of or ask for…all you have to do is accept more.  “Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee.”

Best Course of Action: The result will be up to you.  It depends entirely upon your intention, and desire, or how much you want it.

Outcome: You are going to begin again on a new foot, or with a new partner.

Keywords: initiation, talent, skill, will, power, cunning, self-confidence

Reversed: misuse of gifts and talents, trickery, sleight of hand

Archetype: The skilled and cunning master of all he surveys.

Astrological Sign: Gemini, Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Hebrew Letter: Beth

Element: Air, Earth


I concentrate without effort, pay attention, and transform work into play, thereby communicating magical talents through my clarity of self.

I am dynamic changing creation; I play freely with my thoughts, feelings, inspirations, and sensations.

I am creative, focused attention, committed to acting on my ideas and inspirations.

I am open to life’s powerful energy; I allow it to flow freely through me.

I am versatile and flexible; I work with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual materials available to me in whatever place I happen to be.

I allow others to see my creative experiments; I communicate my changing thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perceptions.

Gem: Tigereye, Gold

Rune: Ansuz – Signals

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