2. The High Priestess

Tarot Sentence:

Upright: Mystery * unveils * with wisdom.

Inverted: Secrecy * conceals * with jealousy.

Special Guidance:

MundaneOnce you make a decision or decide upon a goal, make a commitment to it and let nothing divert you from it or keep you from attaining it.  Recognize the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and cut them off.

EsotericThis is a gestation period.  Changes are taking place on the inner planes, and at the appropriate time, these new energies will be released and you will spring back into full force.

Best Course of Action: Visualize the desired result as an accomplished fact, and act as if you are already what you want to be and you shall be.

Outcome: Help will come if you need it, and things are going to turn out quite differently than you anticipate.  You can also expect a pleasant surprise or two.

Keywords: hidden knowledge, secrets, mystery, the unrevealed future, silence, tenacity, wisdom, science

Reversed: passion, moral or physical ardor, conceit, surface knowledge

Archetype: The enigmatic keeper of spiritual secrets.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Planet: The Moon

Hebrew Letter: Gimel

Element: Water


In searching my inner darkness I discover the foundation of my outer knowing.  My integrity grows from intuition and perception.

I am feminine wisdom, in touch with the natural rhythms of life.

I trust my inner vision and intuition; I find the time to quietly retreat and access my inner wisdom.

I have experienced life’s joy and life’s pain; I have learned to find balance in the midst of fluctuating feelings.

I strip away illusion, bringing memories, inner conflicts, hidden influences, and motivations to the light.

I have access to wisdom beyond the power of words; I value and respect my insight and intuition.

Gem: Pearl, Emerald

Rune: Othala – Separation

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