Day 48

#quarantinechronicles This is how my day is starting: I am attempting to read through a book on marketing. My daughter … More

Day 47

Not a bad day. Not a good day. My oldest started today FOUR FUCKING DAYS behind on schoolwork. As in … More

7. The Chariot

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright:          Dominance      attains             with victory. Inverted:          Rebellion         riots                 with defeat. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: You will soon have a new perspective and attain great … More

Day 42

A regular site on my table is a basket full of bandannas and masks. It’s comforting because I have something … More

Day 40

40 days and 39 nights into this madness. Broke down and bought my kindergartner a tablet. I haven’t seen her … More

6. The Lovers

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright: Affection * unites * with happiness. Inverted: Disharmony * separates * with frustration. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: Something is … More

5. The Hierophant

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright: Authority * teaches * with certainty. Inverted: Control * imposes * with intolerance. ☆ Special Guidance: … More