Poem 05.19.20

Disco ball straitjacket Musical archaeologist Glittering colored glass Shift your shapes, genie’s bottle The awakening eye of the globe fairy … More

Day 62

#quarantinechronicles Ahh. Reminiscing back to the beginning of this shit show… 61 days later I still feel the same. 🤣

9. The Hermit

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright:          Prudence         learns               with profundity. Inverted:        Betrayal           conceals           with falsehood. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: You will attain that which you are seeking.  Esoteric: You’ve reached a point … More

Day 55

#quarantinechronicles Today I spent most of the morning working on projects. I had a call at noon. So mom guilt … More

8. Strength

★ Tarot Sentence: Upright:          Courage           subdues           with force. Inverted:         Discord            abuses             with weakness. ☆ Special Guidance: Mundane: There are powerful spiritual forces at work and obstacles … More

Day 54

#quarantinechronicles Today I got to see my sister for a few minutes. I made her some tea to go. I … More