8. Strength

Tarot Sentence:

Upright:          Courage           subdues           with force.

Inverted:         Discord            abuses             with weakness.

☆ Special Guidance:

MundaneThere are powerful spiritual forces at work and obstacles to your success will be overcome…you will be given the power to succeed. 

EsotericThis is an important Karmic period, and actions taken during this time will be the needs of your tomorrow.  If you are feeling challenged, it’s because you are harboring a deep-seated misunderstanding, mistrust, or resentment toward someone (perhaps even God), and you are being given the opportunity to resolve it once and for all…remember, love conquers everything, even Karma.

Best Course of Action: Put aside the notion that your prayers can only be answered by striving or personal effort, and if you pray, pray with conviction…don’t be fearful.

Outcome: You will overcome all obstacles, and nothing will keep you from advancing toward your goals because you will have the kind of inner fortitude that nothing can defeat.

Keywords: self-consciousness, strength, power, energy, force, fortitude, heart, lust, life force, will, self-esteem, animal nature, self-preservation, instinct, magnanimity, heroism, ability, mastery

Reversed: weakness, cowardice, fear, embarrassment, self-criticism, shyness, reluctance

Archetype: The lovely lady with the heart of a lion.

Astrological Sign: Leo

Planet: Sun

Hebrew Letter: Teth

Element: Fire


My greatest fears and weaknesses provide the energy, which enables me to express my higher self, and reach my dreams.

I am transforming love; I have learned to turn aggressive energy into a positive force for good.

I am able to calm the negative force within me with love, compassion, and understanding.

I have faith in my ability to handle intense emotions & desires; this confidence strengthens my willingness to act on my ideas.

I no longer repress my feelings and instincts; I have integrated beast and spirit.

I use my courage and strength to take new risks and complete difficult tasks.

Gem: Topaz

Rune: undefined Uruz – Strength

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