Today I am tired.

I pushed it too far. I went to one more event and one more event and one more event. I … More

Faux Fireplace Redo

Uhhh. Smart people take ‘before’ pictures. Today I am not a smart people. 🤷🏼‍♀️ If you need to imagine the … More

I love TV

Rant time! Why does everyone hate television so much? There are constantly posts about the dangers of screen time. And … More

Die Mom Guilt Die

It creeps up in the worst moments. I will be having a grand old time playing with my kids. Or … More


I make myself the most hacked version of a Frappuccino you’ve ever seen. 😂 There is nothing healthy about this … More


Light sabers hum next to faint bird calls ‘Fire!’   ‘Hypno!’   ‘Strength!’ you almost HIT me! Wind chimes speak … More

Thalia 08-30-17

Magic: whimsical guest Holiday comfort: the style of your life worth heart oil candy cane amaryllis iridescence amalgam five points … More