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Lost and found cards!

I spent half the afternoon yesterday searching for this box and panicking. I checked all of the usual “safe” places I usually lose things on and came away empty handed. Our house is small so there aren’t many places for things to hide. 

I yelled when I finally found it (in a storage bin under the bed). This is my very first deck, given to me by my aunt for Christmas. I was thirteen and somehow she knew this was what I needed. It’s a talent of hers. I’ll tell you the story of the obsidian egg another time. 

These cards are worn and loved. It’s a basic RWS deck and it opened a whole world for me at a time o desperately needed it. I’m forever grateful for this gift. 

Today’s card of the day is XII The Hanged Man. I need to look at things from a fresh perspective. 🙂🙃

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03.17.17 Card of the Day

Mine. 3 of Cups: Polar Bear

My first thought is of my husband, whose nickname is polar bear. Then I see myself, swimming towards my three hearts and feeling like I can’t breathe. Drowning. 

Eldest. II The High Priestess: Bast

“The cat god is creating a vortex while holding a cat headed blanket.”

Middle Born. Knight of Cups: Venus

“I see a seagull.”

Youngest. VI The Lovers: Brahma & Saraswati


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03.16.17 Card of the Day

I’m starting a new tradition with the kids. I pulled a card this morning and asked what they saw. 

Eldest saw the Lion and said it was bigger than the others so it must be important. He also focused on the XXI. 

Middle Born saw the eagle so I said he should be an eagle today. 

Youngest wanted her toes painted. Lol. #toddlers

I said the Lady in the middle looked like she was celebrating. 

We’ll see how this goes. 🔮🤔