Poem 05.19.20

Disco ball straitjacket Musical archaeologist Glittering colored glass Shift your shapes, genie‚Äôs bottle The awakening eye of the globe fairy … More


Ratty with love Once soft now bumpy lumpy washed once too many eyes no longer shine threads tattered still. loved. … More


Willows watch the riverbank displays the history of their sentinel ways Roots choke the banks Sucking the sorrow from the … More


Light sabers hum next to faint bird calls ‘Fire!’   ‘Hypno!’   ‘Strength!’ you almost HIT me! Wind chimes speak … More

Mama 08-30-17

Virgo, the maiden on the moon the glittering sound of fury tattooed water the lost mewing circle magenta jester’s mirror … More

Thalia 08-30-17

Magic: whimsical guest Holiday comfort: the style of your life worth heart oil candy cane amaryllis iridescence amalgam five points … More

Poem A Day #2

Voyage: The life of Dark Once there lived a boy Who dreamt of oceans vast and deserts hot and dry. … More

Poem A Day #1

Beginnings or Endings: This is only the beginning, she has layers Peel them back and see the madness within The … More


I taste spirit Can you read the music? Fuchsia trading post Madden Moon Dancer Beige Morning the elemental cosmos shooting … More