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Willows watch

the riverbank displays

the history of their sentinel ways

Roots choke the banks

Sucking the sorrow from the shallows

Slow is their way

Death of the once raging river

is their destination

copyright 2018 klaudia grady
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Light sabers hum

next to faint bird calls

‘Fire!’   ‘Hypno!’   ‘Strength!’

you almost HIT me!

Wind chimes speak in riddles

Swords brandished at the sky

Swoosh. Swipe. Soar.

i am a WIZARD

‘hi mom.’ 😊

copyright 2017 klaudia grady
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Thalia 08-30-17

Magic: whimsical guest

Holiday comfort: the style of your life

worth heart oil

candy cane amaryllis iridescence

amalgam five points of power

second skin bathing in moonlight

burgundy peonies; snowflake candle

it took five minutes. First. Light.

Shimmy the filth & the fury

near capricorn

live the dream. Zoom Zoom

a celebration of Love

copyright 2017 klaudia grady
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Poem A Day #2


The life of Dark

Once there lived a boy

Who dreamt of oceans vast

and deserts hot and dry.

He traveled these places

in dreams and in nightmares

Dark hoped with every breath;

To see them with his own eyes.

But he lived in a deep, hidden place

No desert sun on his face

No sea breeze to cool his brow

Just the sound

of  Gram’s voice

Telling him another tale

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I taste spirit

Can you read the music?

Fuchsia trading post

Madden Moon Dancer

Beige Morning

the elemental cosmos shooting star

behind first light iris

golden chance burgundy peonies

rage pawnshop roses

i run tattooed

glittering flea market

a handmade’s tale

passion irony

three little words





copyright 2007 KLAUDIA GRADY