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Today I am tired.

I pushed it too far. I went to one more event and one more event and one more event. I let my tiny black heart run dangerously low on the things that feed it.

So I’ve spent most of the morning 🧛‍♀️ undead 🧟‍♀️ on the couch. I’ve snacked my way through a bunch of crappy foods. I finally put my ass in a bubble bath hoping to emergency self care myself into a better mood. It helped a tiny bit but my brain forgot the impossibility of enjoying a bath in a one bathroom house while the three kiddos are still here. DOH!

Mom tip: there is nothing relaxing about being tucked behind the curtain while child after child after child has to use the toilet. It’s a glam life listening to your child poop two feet from your head while you’re trying to read in the half dark behind the shower curtain. 3/10 would not recommend 🤣

You know you are overdone when READING takes too much energy. (FYI reading is my absolute favorite pastime. If I’m not reading then my dreams are dying. Just saying.)

Now I’m tucked into the couch with a toddler wrapped in random fabric pieces (it’s her Moana costume, ok?! 😂). I’m watching Murder She Wrote. (An all time favorite. I’ve seen every episode multiple times. Why do I not write or read murder mysteries??? Murder shows are 70% of my tv viewing. 💀)

So today I choose lazy. If only my inner mean girl would shut the fuck up about the clutter in the kitchen and the weird ass school supplies I haven’t summoned from Amazon yet. 😫

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Traveler Food and Books

Last Sunday we stopped at Traveler Food and Books in Union, Connecticut on our way home. I have wanted to stop in for years and it was as amazing as I hoped it would be.

Here is all 12 of the books I got! 6 of them were included with dinner. (I stole my husband’s three free books. He didn’t mind. 🤣)

4 of them I found down in the cellar at the bookshop. They cost me between 2-3$ each.

2 of them I pulled off the shelves in the dining room (they were 1$ each!) because I have no restraint when it comes to books and I already used up my free ones. 🤣

Here is their takeout menu. The food was delicious. I had a happy waitress (grilled cheese, tomato, & bacon) with avocado. It was so good! The perfect diner food. Yum!

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I am important

Everyday I look in a mirror and say

“I am important.”

This is a hard exercise for me but it has brought to light some startling thought patterns.

When I was a child I was ready to die. In my daydreams I would bravely sacrifice myself to save my sister or my dog or just about anyone.

This has followed me into adulthood. I sacrifice myself for my kids, my friends, even for people I barely know. I’ve given away my knowledge, my time, and my energy anytime someone has asked me for help.

I’d love to say I’m going to stop this sacrificing cold turkey but it’s a process. Being an over-helper is a habit I have to break. I need boundaries. And I need to continue to tell myself in every reflective surface I see… I. Am. IMPORTANT

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Audacious Notebook 05.14.19

Never use a fairy for your security team. I don’t care how cute they are. They will double cross you every time. Let’s say you put together an exquisite exhibition as a gift to the Holiday Museum. Your personal collection of priceless figurines is arranged behind bulletproof glass. The insurance company demands that you hire private security as well. You interview fifty people but you choose the fairy squad because they blend in with the festive decor. It is a true, natural miracle they don’t murder you for the bell ridden atrocity of a uniform you select for them. For the opening night you commission a designer to create a gown that encompasses the style of your life: luxe with a hint of whimsy. You stand before the doors of the great hall, a crowd of affluent gentle folk mill around you. You search for Yang, the museum director, but give up and order the doors opened. The crowd holds its breath and then the screams and panic begin. People flee from the room behind you. Instead of a decadent collection of figurines and old earth tchotchkes – you find a terrified Yang bound to an evergreen with twinkle lights. A large glass ornament is impossibly shoved in his mouth. The fairies have smashed every other piece of glass and porcelain in the room. The shards swirl in a circle while the fairies chant rhythmically inside of it. A deep red glow comes from the floor and a Night Mare steps through. She possesses tentacles instead of hooves and the moment she clears the portal, she chomps her too sharp teeth. An eerie crooning sound comes from her and you know you should flee but you take a single step forward. The crooning noise increases and the last thing you hear are the bells on the fairies shoes as they ride the Night Mare to their chosen sacrifice…YOU.

  • holiday gift
  • the style of your life
  • natural miracle
  • security
  • terrified yang
  • fairy

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Swapping Recollections Spiral Bound Planner Covers

Michael’s had 12 month spiral bound planners on sale for 3 bucks!

I’m struggling like a donkey in quicksand right now with being unable to find planner peace. The week on one page I was trying doesn’t have enough fucking room. Grrrr.

So I found these two planners. This floral one has the vertical layout I like:

…but the cover is ugly as fuck. Florals ain’t my jam.

This fox one is an adorable cover, but has a shitty horizontal layout:

So I decided to swap the covers.

I cut the covers at the binding. Like this:

So they came off like this:

It didn’t take me very long and now I have a layout I want with the cover I want!

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Recollections To Do Planner: Basic

Yesterday I got the new planner itch so I headed to Michael’s. I’ve been using a happy planner for about 7 months but I was on the hunt for a wire bound planner. I like opening my planner all the way around. I found a basic bitch planner that has good bones so I’m giving it a shot. It won’t be basic for long since I’m extra AF. 🤣

9 x 11.5 in

Storage Pouch

The ONLY dated pages in this 😱

Important Dates & Contacts. I doubt I’ll use this.

Ooooh. Included VISION BOARD

It includes several pages of stickers. Mostly functional.

Nice little double folder included….


The entire rest of this planner is week on one page blanks. 😱

week on one page!

And here’s the back…

so basic but sturdy cover

I went with the week on one page because I’m tired of having to spread my planner wide all over my damn desk to see my week. This way I can flip the cover back and see my whole week. I’ll post updates when I jazz this bitch up. 🤣

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Audacious Notebook 03.20.19

March 20, 2019
Audacious Notebook - Raw Unedited Fiction from Morning Pages

No one called upon the tragic muse, deliberately. She held down her bar stool at The Cherry Blossom and sipped on whatever the bartender served her. She had unlimited free drinks but they alway tasted bad. The wine was corked. The beer was flat. The mixed drinks were overly sweet, overly sour, or on one really bad night: both. Tonight she was sipping on a Lemontini and wincing at the pucker of the lemon. As soon as she finished it, the bartender refilled her glass. She was halfway to drunk when the young man sat beside her. He had dreams of being an overnight sensation, Mel could smell them. She sighed and downed her drink in one gulp. “How can I help you Matthew?”

Matthew fidgeted in his chair. “I want to be famous. I want it so badly I can taste it. Three of your sisters laughed at me. I thought maybe you could help me. And show them up.”

She smiled at the thought of one upping her sisters. Comedy and Dancing were by far the most popular, but people were even willing to beg outside Hymns door before they came to see her. “Only three of my sisters? Most visit all eight before deciding to slum it with Tragedy.” Matthew squirmed in his chair. She had guessed correctly. Every one of her sisters had slammed the door in his face. That was quite the feat. It wasn’t as if they all lived in the same neighborhood. She sipped her sour Lemontini and looked him over. “Is there a medium you prefer?”

“Words. I love writing.”

She smiled at hime. She’d let this one off easy. She reached over and kissed his cheek. Her magic settled over him. He sighed in relief and thanked her. He wandered out of the bar. He would write a famous novel before the year was over. But no matter how many edits he did, errors would remain. Even errors he had already fixed would reappear. His grasp of grammar was now tragically bad. The energetic internet assholes will have a field day trolling the comment section of anyone who showed appreciation for his book. Within a month of publication, Matthew will be turned into a meme. Even the tragic muse has a sense of humor.

  • overnight sensation
  • cherry blossoms
  • energetic
  • tragic muse
  • asshole

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Audacious Notebook 03.11.19

#wordtickets prompt for #atticnotebook March 11, 2019
Audacious Notebook - Raw Unedited Fiction from Morning Pages

The tiny wizard sat on a spool of thread on the kitchen table. She was furious that her shrinking spell had backlashed on her. All she had been trying to do was miniaturize her luggage so she wouldn’t have to pay the exorbitant airline fees. Now she was stuck in the kitchen of her rival waiting for help to undo the spell. It was humiliating to be sitting in the whimsical kitchen. Open shelving showed off mismatched and wonky plates. The tablecloth had little hand embroidered tea pots all over it. She’d had no idea her redneck neighbor lived with his 85 year old granny. All she’d ever heard was him revving motorcycles in the garage & then taking off into the sky on the enchanted Harleys. He had a steady clientele of bikers wanting the latest anti grav spell put on their bikes. The walk here had taken half a day in her shrunken state. He came in from the garage & went to the sink to wash up. He then sat at the table and poured a cup of tea. He put an obscene amount of honey in the cup and then sipped it gingerly. She stared at him in frustration. He smiled. “I can’t say I’m not tempted to leave you in this state for awhile. It would cut down on your noise complaints.” She went to speak and he held up his hand. “I’m kidding. Granny would have my hide for leaving a fellow wizard in the lurch. I went and examined the spell residue at your place. Seems you triggered the personal gain backlash. I can’t believe you tried to cheat the airline out of fees. Didn’t they teach you better than that at fancy ass magic school?” I crossed my arms and glared at him. “Ok I can undo it but you’ll have to pay the price. Either green hair or no voice. The effect will last up to a month.”

I stared hard at him, openmouthed. He could control what price was paid for magical backlash?? He was better than anyone I knew. I sighed. “Green hair please. I have to speak at a conference tomorrow.” He nodded and grabbed a wooden spoon. He took several deep breaths and then began casting with the spoon. I’d never seen anything like it. After he’d laid out the circle, he held out his hand and I stepped onto it. He placed me in the center of the pattern and then closed the loop. The magic shot through me. I returned to my regular height and sighed in relief when I could see over the counter.

“Thanks Wilton. I owe you one.” I bolted out the door & sprinted home. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and nearly screamed. My hair and eyebrows were now lime green. I grabbed my biggest hat, my luggage, & headed to the airport.

  • spool
  • whimsical
  • wizard
  • with a spoon
  • redneck

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